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“Sorta Happy, Sorta Sad…” Children Talk About Adoption DVD/Video - 45 minutes. Twelve children, aged six through eleven, talk candidly about their understanding of adoption, their varied adoption stories, their memories and thoughts about birth family members, and more. Perfect for adoptive parent training or family discussion.  

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“I Wonder…” Teenagers Talk About Being Adopted DVD/Video - 45 minutes.  A diverse group of teenagers share their thoughts.  Perfect for adoptive parent training or family discussion.  

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Adoption and the Schools:
Resources for Parents and Teachers, Book edited by Lansing Wood and Nancy Ng, 256 pages. This book is a complete guide to understanding the dilemmas faced by adopted children in the school setting.

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I Wonder...

“I Wonder…” Teenagers Talk About Being Adopted

In this DVD you will meet fourteen teenagers who were interviewed by Vera Fahlberg, MD, an internationally known author, consultant, trainer and therapist whose work has focused on the needs of children placed outside of their family of birth. The “experts” in the video are a diverse group of young people between the ages of thirteen and twenty who were adopted at various ages and with a wide variety of personal circumstances. They generously volunteered to share their thoughts about adoption so that other families and professionals could learn more about the impact of adoption on the lives of children and teenagers.

The participants were not aware of the questions they would be asked before the videotaping session, nor were their answers rehearsed in any way. The taping was done in two groups (younger and older teens) with Dr. Vera Fahlberg. No parents were present. The feelings and ideas contained in the video therefore represent the real language, thoughts and reactions of a representative group of young adopted people.

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DVD: I Wonder...

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